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Membership Bulletin – May and June 2005

Website:  www.lacauserie.org


Annual Business Meeting


The Annual Business Meeting of La Causerie was held on Friday, 29 at noon in the Fireside Room.  Nearly 30 members and officers discussed and acted on a range of issues, some of which are outlined below.   


New officers were elected for 2005-2006:


President:  Keith Purcell

First Vice President:  Inez Pennington

Second Vice President:  Anastasia Thompson

Assistant Treasurer:  Mary Lew McCarty

Secretary:  Cerise Harris

Assistant Secretary:  Dalene Bradford

Treasurer:  Thad Carver


The Gifts Committee reported on gifts and sponsorships that are being considered from La Causerie funds.  They have explored options for a contribution to L’ Académie Lafayette, but no decision was made.  Approval was given to expend up to $750 in support of French, Italian and Spanish movies at two local film festivals in fall, 2005.  This amount can be spent by the Gifts Committee to promote La Causerie at the FilmFest and the Spanish Film Festival and/or to sponsor films in any of those three languages.  


Keith Purcell discussed expanding on-line registration options and was told to proceed, as long as an option remains to pay by mail and check.


Mary Lew McCarty is seeking volunteers to set up and clean up for the Fete on May 13. To help set up or clean up support email marylewmccarty@hotmail.com or call 913-345-2089.


The Summer Luncheon has been set for Friday, July 15 at La Bodega. 


Fête! Fiesta! Festa! May 13, 2005  


Mark your calendar for the last day of classes and accompanying celebration.  The noon festivities include a short program from each department (always a treat to watch) and good food.  


Each student is asked to help assemble a veritable feast for our students and teachers.  Please bring a dish to share.  Kate White, our professeur-on-the-mend from a heart attack, plans to join us that day.


From Our President


Dear Members of La Causerie:

     As this year comes to an end, I wish to thank all the members and teachers for the 92nd successful year of our organization!  I want to especially thank the people who have volunteered to donate their precious time to help keep the wheels running smoothly:  Officers Thad Carver, Mary Lew McCarty, Cerise Harris, Deb Starr, Dalene Bradford and Cyndi Lucas.  Thanks also to Jan Cohen for sending invitations to prospective members and for organizing the used book sale; to Rosemary Hoffman for sending cards on behalf of LCF and for making the punch at our fetes/festas/fiestas; to T.J. Snyder and her telephone committee; to Hubert Dye for French programs and to Merrill Toms for Italian programs; and to Keith Purcell for the website. Joyce Culver will always be remembered for her tireless efforts on behalf of our group.  I have had an easy job because of all these wonderful people. Please forgive me if I have overlooked anyone! 

    Whether you are new to La Causerie or have been around for a long time, please consider volunteering to help.  Our new president, Keith Purcell will be looking for committee chairmen soon.  If you can't volunteer, be an enthusiastic member!  Hand out cards and post flyers this summer and attend the fetes/festas/fiestas and business meetings next year! 

     Have a safe and wonderful summer!  See you at La Bodega in July!


Mary Ann Hope



Keeping La Causerie Strong


La Causerie is a nonprofit organization, run completely by volunteers (with the exception of our teachers who do receive compensation).  The organization’s existence and vitality depends entirely on the energies and efforts of its members.  La Causerie, which will be 92 years old this fall, had 122 regular members this year and 13 associate members.  Five teachers instructed classes in three languages.  All this is accomplished by volunteers, with annual expenses of just over $20,000 a year. 


Here are some things you can do to help:



Lost Book


A copy of the 11 a.m. French text “Conversation in French: Points of Departure” was lost on Friday, April 22.  It is blue and purple with a hand pointing to a gold star on the cover.  If you found this (or accidentally took it home with your things) please let Keith Purcell or Margaret Ramsey know the whereabouts of this very expensive book.


News from France


Even if you’re not involved in the French department, you might enjoy subscribing to a free tri-weekly review called “News from France.”  Written in English it is made available by the French Embassy Press and Information Service.  Here’s how they describe the slick, colorful newsletter:  “Through in-depth articles and striking photos, FRANCE Magazine provides authoritative coverage of French society, business, culture and travel.”


Subscribe online at http://www.ambafrance-us.org (see Publications section)

Or call:                        202-944-6072

Or write:                      News From France

                                    French Embassy Press and Information Service

                                    4101 Reservoir Road, NW

                                    Washington, DC  20007-2182


LaCauserie Calendar: Looking Ahead


May 6, 2005              French program at noon

Professeur Louis Imperiale presents: Part II of Don Quixote

May 13, 2005            Last day of classes followed by the Fête/Fiesta/Festa at noon;

July 22, 2005           Summer Luncheon at La Bodega

September 30          Membership Tea and Registration for Fall Classes

October 7         Start of Fall Classes



Full calendar information for the year can be found at www.lacauserie.org




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