April 2006 Newsletter




On Friday April 28, lots will be taking place at La Causerie.  Read more below about:


Annual Meeting:  11 a.m. April 28


Make plans to attend the April 28 Annual Meeting at 11 a.m. (no classes held at 11:00 or 12:00) in the church Fellowship Hall.  Several strategic issues will be discussed:


By-Laws Revision   Merrill Toms and Susan Gardner finished review of the By-Laws and presented their suggested revisions and updates to the Executive Board.  The Board examined these carefully, and approved changes that will be sent around to the membership and posted on the bulleting board two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.  By-Laws changes require approval by a quorum of active members, so please review these recommendations carefully and raise any issues you have with a Board member prior to the April 28 meeting.  We will have limited time to wordsmith these within our one-hour meeting time frame, but do want to take your input into account. 


Election of Officers  A thank-you “fortissimo!”  from us all to Thad Carver and Cerise Harris, who have volunteered for the maximum terms and are retiring from the Executive Board, as well as to Anastasia Thompson who is resuming her concert schedule and won’t have time to serve.  We are looking forward to forming a similarly effective Board for 2006-2007, and a Nominating Committee has convened to fill all vacancies.  They will present a slate of officers two weeks prior elections at the Annual Meeting.  If you are interested in serving on the Board, please talk with any officer.  They are glad to explain responsibilities to you.


President                      Inez Pennington (eligible and willing to serve another term)

1st VP                           Open Position

2nd VP                           Open Position

Secretary                      Open Position

Asst. Secretary             Dalene Bradford (eligible and willing to serve another term)

Treasurer                       Open Position

Asst. Treasurer              Mary Lew McCarty (eligible and willing to serve another term)


Schedule Expansion Plans for 2006-2007 The Board has created a class meeting schedule for next year that adds three additional weeks of instruction to the calendar.  This change and related implications (in staffing, space and rental costs) will be discussed.


Fee Increase in 2006-07 School Year. As discussed at the Fall Membership meeting, membership cost has only gone up only $10 in over six years, while costs for everything else have increased. Also, we have improved our teacher salaries and expanded course offerings several times, with more coming. The Board will present the new fee schedule for the upcoming year, reasons for the increase, as well as ways you can reduce your expense through early enrollment.

Spring Fête:  Noon, April 28


The Spring Fête will take place at noon, April 28, directly after the Annual Meeting.  (Note:  The noon Italian Class will not be held that day.)


Members are asked to bring a dish to be shared with the group—hors d’oeuvres, snacks, nibbles, desserts.  Food with an international flair is especially welcome.  Rosemary is already getting her famous punch ready and we will provide plates, napkins, plastic ware and cups.


NEW! Also, please invite prospective members to the fete, introduce them to your colleagues and acquaint them with La Causerie through our terrific triumvirate of entertainment, including:


1.       Thanks to Mary Ann Hope, Olé Music and Dance of Spain will perform Flamenco and Spanish dance for us.  Led by professional dancer and educator Tamara La Garbancita Carson, the group dresses in native Spanish costumes and uses castanets and footwork to demonstrate the colorful and lively dances of Spain. The group has been performing together since 1991 and is accompanied by live Flamenco guitar, violin, voice and cajon.

2.       The students of C.S. #1 Elementary School (with whom we share the church basement) will perform portions of their production, “Sis Panther, Sis Rabbit and the Big Wind.”  Their 10-minute performance, adapted from Brer Tiger and the Big Wind is billed as “a celebration of friends through dance and Spanish Songs.” They’ll do a song of Spanish verbs, a story about the donkey doctor treating his ailments and try to balance an elephant on a spider web. 

  1. Also, by popular request, we will reprise the travel photos slide show.  If you want to add some of your photos to make it even better, there is still time to send them in.  Write a sticky-note to yourself right now: email them to dbradfordatkc.rr.com by Friday, April 21.  Photos can be of ANY travel you’ve done (not just European) and are special if they include people (like you).  Photos MUST be digital. 


Used Book Sale:  Noon, April 28


Our annual used book sale will be held during the Spring Fête on April 28th, in the Fellowship Hall.  This is a great time to clear your bookshelves of unused materials and also to pick up something for your own studies.  Here’s how it works:


Bring foreign language materials that might be of interest to your La Causerie colleagues (dictionaries, travel books, tapes/CDs, study guides, novels and nonfiction in one of our languages). Put a sticker with your name and the price you are asking for on each book.  Place the items on the designated sale tables in Fellowship Hall.  If the book is sold at the sale, La Causerie receives one-half of the asking price.


Please check back at the end of the sale and take any of your books that were not purchased home with you.  If left behind, books will be donated to a local library. Questions? Contact Jan Cohen.


Nostro bambino nuovo! (our new baby!)


Congratulations to Nina Mehta-Young, who gave birth to Daniel Vipin on March 13.   Mother and baby are doing great.  Nina assures us that she plans to return to LCF in the fall.



Want to maintain your language proficiency over the summer when La Causerie doesn’t’ meet?  Here is a list of some tutors who are available to work with you (for a fee, of course).


Nina Mehta-Young tutors at her house in Brookside. Contact her at 816-822-2227.


Native speaker (and UMKC Italian professor) Tiziano Cherubini tutors at his Plaza apartment.  Contact him at 816-756-1006.

LCF member Dawn Mattera Young offers Italian tutoring at an agreeable place (such as a library).  Reach her at 913-940-8361.


LCF professora Martha Penaherrera offers tutoring in Spanish at an agreeable place.  Call her at 913-642-3326. 


LCF member Chris Kline offers tutoring in French.  Reach her at 816-822-7968.


Kate White, former LCF professeur, offers tutoring in French. Reach her at 913-362-4642 or kdekansasatearthlink.net. Kate also does court interpreting and translation.


Livret Updates


Member Marian Wade has a new email address:  (see print version)

Member Linda Rei has moved: (see print version - phone and email same)


La Causerie has its own mailing address (separate from the church). Please make a note in your Livret.    6320 Brookside Plaza, #253, KC, MO 64113.  Our box is checked weekly for mail.


Tiziano Cherubini is filling in for Nina the rest of the year.  Here is his contact information:

121 Ward Parkway, #801, Kansas City, MO 64112-2119

816-756-1006    tizianokcatyahoo.com


La Causerie Calendar


NOTE:        NO CLASSES will be held on Friday, April 14 (due to the Good Friday holiday at the church).


All programs are at noon, unless otherwise noted.  A group generally goes out to lunch with the speaker after the program and everyone is welcome to participate.


April 7         French Program in the Fireside Room  Madame Bernadette Weber, retired La Causerie professeur, will speak IN FRENCH on “Le sens du style lancé par le Roi Soleil.”  Lunch to follow.

April 14       No Classes.  (Good Friday Holiday)

April 21       Spanish Program  Gerardo Rendon, from Mexico City will speak IN SPANISH (topic being determined).

April 28       Annual Meeting at 11 a.m. (Classes will not be held at 11 a.m. or 12 p.m.)

                  Spring Fête at noon.

May 5         Spanish Program  Gloria Guerra, Clinic Manager at the Duchesne Clinic will speak IN SPANISH about this important KCK clinic which serves working but uninsured adults in Wyandotte County.


Catch up on La Causerie News


Been traveling? Out of touch? Our website has all of the newsletters for the past year. Visit www.lacauserie.org and click on “Newsletter” and you will see a link for “Newsletter Archives.”


Other Foreign Language Activities


The activities listed below are NOT La Causerie programs but are shared in our newsletter as a public service for members. 


Alliance Française Reservations are required.  For reservations and information EMAIL: rsvp.afkc.org  or CALL 1-816-221-2049 (and choose option 3).  Please spell out your last name on the answering machine.  If dinner is involved, be sure to indicate whether how many in your party will be dining with the group. They order from the menu (ranging from $4 for soup to $18 for a steak).  Additional information is available from Rosemary Hoffman (see Livret for contact information).


April 8, 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  A day of total immersion in French.  “The French Origins of St. Joseph and Other Cities of this Area.”  Held at several sites in St. Joseph, MO.  Reservations required.


April 23,  6 – 8 p.m. Annual AFKC Spring Banquet at the Rockhill Club.  Includes a preview of next year’s cultural calendar and awards presentations.  Reservations required by April 14.


April 30, 5 – 8 p.m.  Presentation by Professor Louisa Matmati, distinguished Fulbright Professor at KU and a teacher lecturer at the Univeristy of Annaba in Algeria.  Lecture title is “La Femme algeriénne dan l’oeuvre de Assia Djebar.”  Discussion continues over dinner. Reservations required by April 27.


May 7, 5 – 6:30 p.m. Roundtable discussion:  “La France Actualle 2006.”  Rockhill Club.  Moderator Cyprienne Simchowitz-White, specialist in international law.  Discussants:  Professor Mark Boime; M. Bertrand and Professor Hélène Genuyt; Professor Nadine Indyk; le Commandant Philippe and MME Amélie de Montenon and Professor Sherrill Mulhern.  There will be a question and answer period.  Discussion continues over dinner. Reservations required by May 2.


Il Circolo Italiano   For more information, visit http://italian.meetup.com/15/


Saturday, April 22, 11:30 a.m. Tutti Nella Cucina Cooking Class in English.  $41 per person. Kansas City's favorite chef, Silverio Pagano, will teach how to prepare a sumptuous Venetian meal.  Then you’ll dine on one, sipping Venetian Bellinis & wine. 544 Wabash. Registration required by April 14. For more info call La Causerie member Dawn Young (913) 940-8361.


April 6, 7:00 p.m.  “Plaza” Conversation.   Join other Italian speakers for conversation. All levels of ability are invited and it’s free. Panera Bread Company, 4700 Pennsylvania Country Club Plaza. Group Mediator: Tiziano Cherubini.


April 10, 7:00 p.m.  “South” Conversation.  Join other Italian speakers for conversation. All levels of ability are invited and it’s free. Dinky & Coco's Coffee and Gelato, 14383 Metcalf.     Group Mediator: Dawn “Alba” Young.


April 15,  2:30 p.m.  Advanced/Intermediate Conversation.   Fluent and almost-fluent Italian speakers meet for conversation and it’s free. Yes, it's the day before Easter, but we'll still meet!  Bella Napoli, 6229 Brookside Blvd.  Group Mediator: Dawn “Alba” Young.